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Urban City Rooftop Boards

In a previous and successful kickstarter I created an entire troop of specialized rooftops for Fantasy RPGs in an Olde World style - during which campaign many people asked me when or if I would ever create a Modern Cityscape Set of Isometric Rooftops for Modern Themed RPG's.

I have since then sat down at my computer and completed two massive scale modern-day designs that each measure 27 x 18" and can be combined together to give a sprawling city roofscape that measures a gigantic 54 x 36" surface ideal for Modern-Day Themed RPGs, displays, lego backdrops, airborne miniatures and offering a stunning visual expansion for games such as Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Warhammer, Transformers, or Superhero Settings such as Superman, Batman, with these designs providing a unique top-down corporate environment complete with lofty city skyscrapers and industrial complexes towering above the blur of bustling streets far below. For more information, or to support my Kickstarter, please click the link below.

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