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Soloman Temple Squares

Hi all. I've just launched a little kickstarter that offers a compact dungeon map making tool kit. It's called Solo-man's Temple Squares and consists of 70 2x2" room and passage tiles you fit together to make dungeon arrangements and includes 140 coloured and numbered Map Marker Tokens to place down on the rooms to mark Events, Obstacles, Monsters, Encounters, Items, Weapons, Room Type and Content etc. The Temple Squares are double-sided and I hope to add a cool dungeon texture to all of the Squares to make them even better. You can make an entire map in minutes, make notes using your markers, and when you are done just take a photo and you have a dungeon map ready to go. You can easily change token locations and rooms/passages if need be, and add more. Perfect for both random and custom dungeon making. It's just a little project to help buy me an ergonomic mouse, keyboard and comfier chair on account of all the time I am spending at my desk making terrain and other things now for RPG. If you need a handy little tile set to construct dungeons easily and quickly that is portable, affordable and can be gotten digitally for $9 - please take a look at Soloman Temple Squares.

Thank you, Kind Regards, Kris McDermott

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