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Site Renovations 95% Complete

GTW now has a professional cart checkout system and flat-rate shipping on orders with a fixed rate of $19.95 up to a whopping 5kg to the US and a sliding scale based on weight for International Customers starting from $35 for 0-1 kg and $55 for 1-2kg. It is therefore now cheaper to buy sets in bulk for shipping overseas and in the United States.

Our previous price listing on each page has been scrapped and is now view only. Once you have made your choices based on the product descriptions, simply head on over to the SHOP to put them in your cart where your order will be processed and shipping automatically calculated based on weight and location.

FAQ, Ordering and other sub-pages have all been adjusted accordingly.

Big thanks to all my backers from the Deluxe Rooftop Tile Set on kickstarter who helped fund the renovations to Game Tile Warehouse's site including a new more powerful graphics computer to continue creating bigger and better designs!

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