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GTW Deluxe Rooftop Tile Set (Funded!)

The truly massive Deluxe Day & Night City Rooftop City was an astounding success and with the help of 38 backers was well and truly funded with loads of exciting stretchgoals inc. new larger maps and custom tiles unlocked. A gigantic thank you to all of those people who supported this project as this will allow me to upgrade my GTW site to include a proper shopping cart, upgrade my hardware to a more powerful computer that doesn't freeze programs on me while designing and isn't held together by duct tape, and to keep on creating new projects for the RPG World and the Game Tile Warehouse.

If you missed the Kickstarter Campaign there is still time to get in a pledge until Feb 20th or upgrade your existing pledge or buy add-ons through the pledge manager:

GTW Pledge Manager

Kind Regards,

Kris from GTW

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