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Unotiles/Chits: Single Barrel (150 tiles)

Our unotiles from the Barrel range sport a GTW speciality of showing each barrel full, half full and near-empty (or residual).

Our "Full Harvest" set allows Quest Masters to build a thriving marketplace swollen with fresh or foreign farm produce with bursting and half-full barrels feeding the illusion of goods being bought rather than all remaining level, show shortages or passing of time.

Our "Famine" set suits a famine-stricken or rat-plagued (or both) locale where only skerricks of food, grain or wine remain having been cleaned out i.e. by an army marching through, poor economic leadership, or a failed harvest. Our selection of barrels has everything from staple grains, vegetables & fish, to fermenting wine, coins, salt & escape tunnels and even body parts. Barrels on the reverse side of each chit range in sealed, tilted lids and empty.

Get the best of both worlds with our "Mixed Barrel Pack".

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