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    • Meanders 4: Tsunami

      Just $15 if you're a return backer or $25 if you're new :) MEANDERS 4: MODERN CITY - TSUNAMI Kind Regards, Kris

    • Meanders 4: Zombie/PApoc/Modern

      Now 75% of the way through the previous campaign I am launching a new Mini-Campaign to test the waters for demand for a new series of Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic and Modern Meanders. These three sets can be used independently, with all other meanders, or allow for a time-based visual deterioration of the same city for story-telling purposes. MODERN: These three sets can be used independently, with all other meanders, or allow for a time-based visual deterioration for story-telling purposes, with the Modern being the Calm before the Storm suitable for Present Modern Day (today) scenarios in a New York flavour with shops, cars, traffic lights, street signs, hot dog vending, and everything you'd expect to see on the modern street. Early Bird Bonus: Pledge in the first 48 hours and you will get this bonus High Rise Modern Rooftop Pack from my first Kickstarter campaign, re-imagined with Zombie and Post-Apocalyptic Versions. MEANDERS 4: ZOMBIE, POST-APOCALYPTIC, MODERN ON KICKSTARTER

    • Fantasy City added to GTW

      Hello Everyone - After a furious few days burning daylight and nightlight I have managed to process 180 new maps bringing Fantasy City Maps from the Meanders 4 Campaign to the store early in individual selections and discounted Map Bundle Code Packs. Blank Templates, Interiors and a variety of Stretch Goal Maps including a Bathhouse, Palace, Bazaar, Outer City, Docks are in development and are likely to be added in July-August once completed. MEANDERS 4: Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic and Modern Maps has funded and will secure a new line of exciting genres for the series: I am also pleased to announce that the Meanders series now boasts over 800 individual modular battlemaps!

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    • Introducing MEANDERS MAPS | GTW2020

      Some of the existing themed terrains include a huge range of Available types include Fantasy City (All Four Seasons, Nocturnal) Dwarven, Underdark, Forest, Snow, Ice, Jungle, Desert, Cave, River, Road, Village, Cemetery, Medieval City, Castle, Cthulhu, Victorian Mansion, College of Magic, Wizard Tower, Ruined Tower, Spider Forest, Dead Forest, Farm, Dungeon, Crypt, Tavern, Dragon, Ocean, Wild West, Swamp, Treetop, Mountain, Arcane Library, Mausoleum, Necromancers Lair, Plague Village, Flooded Village, Witches House & Woods, Deep Roads, Temples, Mines, Gemstone Cavern, Alien Mothership, Planet, Moonbase, Galactic Cruiser, Tundra, Savannah, Zombie, Modern City, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern: Tsunami, and Lovecraft 'Dunwich'. ​

    • HOME / Contact / News / About GTW | GTW2020

      I often Kickstart the products I design and have thus far had 22 successful campaigns shown in blue below: ​ SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED: Day and Night, Double-Sided Fantasy City Rooftop Set , Modern Urban Rooftop Soloman Temple Squares Digital Coin Forge , Meanders 1 Meanders 2 Meander Sci-fi Digital Dungeon Rooms Digital Terrain Tiles Digital Dungeon Bytz Meanders 3: Dungeons, Dragons & Dwarves Meanders 3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem Shipstarter: Fantasy Ship Maps Meanders 4: Fantasy Terrain Expansion Squareware RPG Tools / Fantasy Grounds Meanders 4: 250+ Fantasy City Battlemaps M4: Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern Soloman Temple Squares Meanders 4: The Lost Scrolls 10,000 RPG TOKENS Meanders 4: Tsunami Meanders 5: The Lovecraft Mythos: Dunwich UPCOMING / IN DEVELOPMENT / ACTIVE Meanders 5: Dwarven Citadels (LIVE ON KS) Meanders 5: Gotham (In Concept) Meanders 5: Wild West Meanders 5: Prehistoric Meanders 5: Edo Japan Meanders 5: Warhammer 40k Get Urban with streets, buildings, 50+ individual shops and fully furnished interiors for your city based game.

    • News | GTW2020

      17 (4) December 2016 (3) November 2016 (3) October 2016 (2) September 2016 (2) August 2016 (1) July 2016 (6) June 2016 (4) April 2016 (1) Search By Tags #GTW #meanders #fantasygrounds #Tabletop #kickstarter #squareware #RPG #Meanders3 #DnD #Meanders #Meanders2 #GTW #Terrain #Kickstarter # #maps #meanders4 #roll20 #dnd5e #Tokens #dungeontiles #shipstarter #Smiteworks #geas #rpgmaps #dice #digital #digitalmaps #gaming #Meanders2 #D&D #fantasycity #FantasyGroundsCollege #Heroquest Spells #modern #postapocalyptic #RPG Maps #zombiemaps GTW # Terrain Tiles #5ednd #battlemaps #Dungeon Tiles #dungeons #dwarves #forest #gametilewarehouse #gtw2020 #soloman #templesquares #terrorforma #terrorformer #vectors Dock Tiles Gaming Tiles Merchant Tiles #airship #cartography #city #Coins #Currency #dragons #Idlewilds #jungle #mansion #mines #Money #nerdarchy #pirateship #returntophandelver #Roof Tiles for RPG #Rooftops #sammerketsands #solomantemplesquares #steampunk #VTT #zombi

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    • Meanders 3: March 2018 Launch

      -Swamplands -Infernal Citadel (Interior) -Dwarven Citadel, Forge and Mine -Atlantis and Underwater Coral Reef -Shores, Reefs, Islands and Ocean -Large Caverns -Haunted Mansion (Interior) -Cursed Forest -Lost Temple -Clifftop Fortress/Castle -Ruined City -Sewers -Roads -Plague Town, Medieval Village, Village with walls/gate boarded up buildings beseiged by Monsters...

    • The Effect of Gaming on Dreams

      That perhaps the omnipresent world of gaming has begun to bleed so deeply into our subconscious that it is mixing ancient messages with modern ones in a way that is yet to be noticed on any large scale and the effects of which are as yet undetermined.

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