Recommended RPG & Table-top Gaming Links





The following are sites/forums/blogs I recommend with loads of resources, friendly chat, up-to-the-minute developments and news on the RPG Community, Table-Top Gaming & Heroquest.



FANTASY COLLEGE GROUNDS is an exceptional and ambitious project headed by self-starter Aaron Marx that specializes in opening up the mysterious world of Virtual Table Top using the Fantasy Grounds software and making it accessible to everyone from teaching absolute beginners by running free interactive classes that teach everything from character creation to being a DM - to seasoned professionals with numerous support systems, FG advice and regular gaming sessions on its twitch and discord channels. GTW is a proud patreon of this amazing endeavour to teach VTT to a new generation of gamers.


ALL THINGS FANTASY GROUNDS is a live webcast every Friday run by Rob2e and Laerun of Fantasy Grounds College. It systematically looks at each of the elements in the VTT software Fantasy Grounds and takes viewers through a demonstration tutorial of how to use each and every one of them to maximise the understanding and usability of Fantasy Grounds. Each show runs for about 2 hours and focuses on a particular topic. Here are the archived youtube videos.

GAMEAPALOOZA [NEWS] - Keep up on all that's happening in the Australian Tabletop and Games Scene with these guys.

EN WORLD: A premiere forum hub for RPG.

GEEKDAD: Get the latest around the globe on tabletop gaming, tools,  equipment and happenings from the famous Geekdad!

DRAGONSFOOT FORUM: A premiere forum hub for RPG.

YE OLDE INN: The largest, oldest site dedicated to Heroquest on the internet, get replacements, new stuff and chat about this favourite game with hardcore fans.

HEROQUEST ITALIA: GTW was proud to partner its game tiles with the 'Epic Quest' project produced by this super-organized network of Heroquest afficianados. Translator may be required - as the site is in Italian.

HEROQUEST on Facebook: A central hub for all things Heroqest run by Max Pietricola

OLD SCRATCHES HEROQUEST FORUM: Another equally comprehensive and active Heroquest forum full of diehard fans and creatives.

FANTASY GROUNDS: Fantasy Grounds is a Virtual Table Top program that allows online gaming and campaigns with ease and small expense. Meanders were re-designed with the help of members from FG and were engineered to be ideal for the program.

MOEBIUS ADVENTURES: I was very pleased to partner briefly with Brian Fitzpatrick of MA to provide some art here and there including a couple of maps for their awesome new sci-fi RPG Aliens vs. Asteroids they recently kickstarted. Check out their ready-to go adventure series and news on A&A currently in progress.

2KINGS GAMES: I was proud to be commisioned by Randy Price to be one of his cartographers as he works to finalize the art and printing for his upcoming Kickstarter for an amazing series of adventure books being assembled by a team of talented folks. [Work on those maps is currently on hold until Randy reaches a strategic point in his project.]

GREY MATTER GAMES: I was proud to contribute one of my urban maps to David Wears 'Deadly Missions' the 4th in the long-running franchise of Hero/Villain based RPG adventures. Check it out here :)

RPG BATTLE-MAP EMPORIUM: A haven for free maps and terrain hosted by Carl Bartoli at Facebook. Loads of freebies and doorways to the work of new cartographers.

FANTASY GROUNDS COLLEGE: GTW is proud to partner with the Fantasy Grounds College initiative run by Laerun to teach map-making and expand knowledge in the RPG community.

One of the better RPG Auction Sites on facebook.

THE MINIATURE UNDERGROUND or MUG is an excellent 2000 strong and growing body of crafters and miniature painters showcasing their talents and techniques. 

TABLETOP CRAFTERS GUILD The True Go-To place for tabletop crafting and DIY featuring the irrepressible DM Scotty and a team of other crafting heavyweights, you'll be able to make your own terrain and furnishings whatever they may be.

DUNGEONCAST by Dan Buccini specializes in boxed ready-to-go tile and adventures sets in the style of Wyloch's Armory. Dan accepts custom resin casting projects - contact if you need castings!

DEVIOUS DUNGEON PAINTING - Learn the basics and the pro techniques for painting miniatures from this master - Brad Smith. Visit the site and then check out the  links to his videos and twitch stream to get the most from his tutorials. GTW was proud to create the company logo.

LASERS & DRAGONS - You have to see the wooden gaming boxes Aaron Garth makes by hand to believe them - an Australian crafter doing great work and offering a range of exciting designs.

OLDHAMMER DUNGEONS: relive the glory days with Scott McKinnons hail to the classics of the Oldhammer genre here on his facebook group.

DRAGON THRONES LARP: I was honoured to be commissioned in 2017 to create an ancient world map for the world of "Cambria' for this innovative life-action event in Pennsylvania, USA. The event was a major success and a second one is on the horizon - check it out.

STRANGE ARCADE: Why not pick yourself up a kick-ass D&D or Beholder themed tee-shirt or Lovecraftian one from Jake Stark at Strange Arcade UK, creator of the Lovecraftian Colouring Book and an accomplished artist. Check the designs available and see for yourself!

DWARVEN FORGE - the gold standard in 3d terrain, amazing stuff and kickstarters - plus I advertise on their forum so I think fairs fair to share their link here too.

REAPER MINIS - Another Kickstarter success story, Reaper minis offer a stupidly cool and broad range of every mini imaginable - or they're working on it. I also advertise on Reapers' forum alot so fair's fair to share their link here too.

MEANDERS: SYNCHABLE TERRAIN on Facebook. This is my Official Meanders Page where I share new designs, news and you can keep up to date or suggest new designs for my upcoming Meander 3 campaign.

GEAS: BROKEN GODS: A personal project, in part being funded by my kickstarter change, buying time to work on it a month at a time. Follow me while I write, illustrate and create an entirely new world and gigantic 90's style oldhammer game with dozens of unique mechanics, weapons and sorcery - and then make the digital tiles to match.

GAME TILE WAREHOUSE on Facebook. Send us a like here or there to show your appreciation and let me know you're out there - keep up to date with news on developing projects and kickstarters here.


Nerdarchy is a multiplatform content creator focused on Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games. They discuss storytelling, worldbuilding, game mechanics, Game Master and player tips and answer your questions. They have over 2000 youtube videos and daily live chats that spotlight other amazing creators who stop by to talk nerdy with us. Fans and live viewers get a chance to interact with guests with questions and comments while sharing an engaging experience.

DEVIN NIGHT TOKENS: Load up on high-quality inexpensive top-down Tokens from Devin Night. Devin offers a huge set of free samples perfect for VTT's like Fantasy Grounds or table-top and a massive range of all sorts of creatures, NPC's, items and players in Fantasy, Sci-fi, Modern, Military and more. Since starting to DM I've bought most of Devin's shop in an effort to get the majority of his tokens for my games in Fantasy Grounds and I highly recommend them to all DM's.

ADLIB&D: ADlib&D is a group of amateur roleplaying enthusiasts running a weekly livestream D&D 5e game with a twist. The viewing public can vote on a large group of random concepts before the episode takes place. Once tallied, the DM will select 5 of the 10 most popular random concepts and tailor that episode of the game against the chosen random concepts. Anything can happen, no episode will be the same!

Watch us live on Friday Nights from 8:30pm AEST (GMT +10) on Twitch, or go through our archived games in via Youtube or podcast.