RPG Basics Pack ii (Traps!) 0.75"

                         150 Unotiles



#012B BasicsiiTraps


The RPG Basics Pack ii (Traps!) specializes in supplying you with a decent swag of 150 nasty trap tiles to torment your adventurers. We've added some new blood-soaked trap types to this kit including a mechanized Dwarven Buzzsaw, a Swinging Pendulum Blade, and a good old-fashioned but gory Sprung Wooden Stake trap. We've also included three new types of Fire Trap; a tile with four smaller Flame Jets; another with a single Large Fireball to roast your hapless wayfarers alive; and a Bubbling Lava Grate.  We've added some malevolent yellow eyes to the Treasure Trap Beast, a creature disguised as a normal chest only to erupt with teeth and attack when disturbed by your unwary adventurers... and topped the kit up with those traditional staples such as Snake, Sand, Spiked Pit, Gas, Boulder, Fire Pit and the new skin-smouldering Acid Jet Trap.








What you get: 


150 x 0.75" tiles

made up of:


10 x Baleful Yellow-Eyed Treasure Trap Beast *Reverse Ordinary  Chest

10 x Fire Pit Trap *Reverse Smoking Lava Grate
10 x Spiked Pit Trap A *Reverse Cracked Floor Tile

10 x Spiked Pit Trap B

10 x Green Gas Trap *Reverse Red Gas Trap

10 x Falling Boulder Trap *Reverse Brown Rubble
10 x Gory Dwarven Buzzsaw Trap *Reverse Clean Buzzsaws

10 x Gory Sprung Wooden Stake Trap *Reverse Slightly Less Bloody Version

10 x Quartet of Fire Streams Trap *Reverse Singed Floor Tile

10  x Large Fireball Trap *Reverse Singed Floor Tile

10 x Snake Pit *Reverse Cracked Floor Tile

10 x Pouring Sand Trap *Reverse Trap Filled with Sand

10 x Bubbling Lava Grate Trap *Reverse Dark Floor Grate

10 x Swinging Pendulum Blade Trap *Reverse Clean Pendulum Blade

10 x Acid Jet Trap *Reverse Alternate Acid Representation