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Description: Tavern Portal Themed Terrain.

Features: A Mystical Tavern with Warm Twin Fireplaces, Cellar Entrance, Carpets, Tavern Tables Food and Drinks, Spiral Stairs and the Golden Serpent Motif signalling it as the World Serpent Inn - where one may wander halls for eternity finding portals to new worlds.  These special Meanders act as a Meanders Hub to send your adventurers to any other Meander through one of the many portals.

Includes: Re-mastered Synchable Digital Map designed to join with other Meanders. Standard 5 File Zip JPEG Bundle supplied with Hex, 1" Square & No Grid + Multi-size VTT-Ready Maps for 100 and 50 ppg.

World Serpent Inn 02 - Meanders Portal Hub

$1.00 Regular Price
$0.50Sale Price

    5 Standard Hi-Resolution JPEG Maps supplied: 

    • (HX) = Large 8100 x 5400 px with Interlocking Hex Grid
    • (L#) = Large 8100x5400 px with 1" Sq Grid 
    • (L) = Large 8100x5400 px with No Grid
    • (M) = Medium 2700x1800 px (100 px per grid) for VTT
    • (S) = Small 1350x900 px (50 px per grid) for VTT


    Approximate Zipped File Size: (20MB)


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