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WILDERSHIRE is part of a special map super-series called 'Meanders' which are 27x18" terrain maps that act and can be tiled like modular dungeon tiles. Meanders use a system of multiple repeating exit/entrance points to ensure the pathways always line up with almost 1200 other Meanders in dozens of varieties (and counting) for continuous, interchangeable terrains that feels random, sprawling with meandering pathways for adventurers to explore. Meanders can join to any other Meander from above, below, left or right, regardless of genre or series - including itself. Some special Meanders known as 'Edgers' provide grand entrances or exits from an area, while 'Blenders' provide a smooth transition between two different terrains.


This set features 22 Various Fantasy Terrain-Themed JPEG Maps sized at 140 x 140px / 3780x2520px / 72 DPI with no grid. This pack includes An assortment of fully-furnished Interior Town Merchants, Two Taverns, Two Farms, Sections of Forest Road, a Keep, Cavern Mines and Caves, Wilderness Terrains, City Maps, Ruins, a Tower surrounded by Lava.

Wildershire: Roll20 Meanders Map Pack

SKU: M4Wildershire
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