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This set features 24 Various Wild West City Interior Themed JPEG Maps sized at 140 x 140px / 3780x2520px / 72 DPI with no grid. The set includes Dozens of fully-furnished Core Buildings such as a Railway Station, Bank, Sherriff and Gaol/Jail, Gallows, Brewery, Blacksmith, Livery, Barber, Stagecoach Service, Hideout, Assorted Saloons and Bars, Brothel, Gambling Hall, Tobacconist, Gunstores, Church and Graveyard, Warehouse, Nursery/Midwifery, Undertaker, Theatre, Schoolhouse, Courthouse, Bathhouse, Post-Office, Mason, Trading Post, Apothecary and more. Especially Compatible with Wild West Exteriors, Wild West Night and Wild West Blank.

Meanders R20 Map Pack: Wild West Interior

SKU: M5WW Interiors
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