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"In the long shadow of the Castle, where dirt roads lead to quiet Hamlets bedevilled by bandits from the mountain tracks - and worse besides - lies the area known as Venmire Woods: a verdant lowlands where a few scratch a living on the edge of the dense forest. Yet something is stirring to the North, a large wall manned by soldiers with grim faces has appeared, the river bridge blockaded and free passage restricted. The few voices at the inn speak of strange lights appearing within the Temple - no - the 'Other' Temple, the one reclaimed by the forest and best forgotten, has been showing signs of life - and death. Who is the new occupant on the hill and why are the locals suddenly afraid to leave their homes? Does the mysterious sect worshipping the ring of stones have anything to do with what is happening and are reports of missing livestock exaggerated or a sign of things to come? What is happening in Venmire Woods?"


VENMIRE WOODS is part of a special map super-series called 'Meanders' which are 27x18" terrain maps that act and can be tiled like modular dungeon tiles. Meanders use a system of multiple repeating exit/entrance points to ensure the pathways always line up with almost 900 other Meanders in dozens of varieties (and counting) for continuous, interchangeable terrains that feels random, sprawling with meandering pathways for adventurers to explore. Meanders can join to any other Meander from above, below, left or right, regardless of genre or series - including itself. Some special Meanders known as 'Edgers' provide grand entrances or exits from an area, while 'Blenders' provide a smooth transition between two different terrains.


This set features 26 Forest Terrain-Themed JPEG Maps sized at 140 x 140px / 3780x2520px / 72 DPI with no grid. Approximate map size: 1-1.5 mb 


This product includes:


  • 13 Forest maps
  • 2 Stone Castle maps
  • 2 Temple maps
  • Treetops map
  • Village map
  • Inn map
  • 2 Blend maps



Venmire Woods: Roll20 Meanders Map Pack

SKU: R20VWoodsI
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