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Description: Underdark Terrain for Endless Layouts.

Features: Presenting The Obolithid: an ultra-clandestine nexion of the secretive Mind-Flayer's concealed deep within the dark bowels of the Underdark, this warped crystalline nerve centre holds the greatest clue to the origin of the Mind Flayer's forming a vast prism window facing out onto strange and varied galaxies visible beneath the opaque crystal flooring and chambers encrusted with bright multi-faceted and myriad coloured crystals. Amidst eldritch dying star clusters writhe ghostly tentacles: the ancestral spirits of the D'malach, the true nature and gigantic otherworldly species of the Flayer's that swim unaffected by the constraining forces passing through the portals to this world, seeking to escape collapsing worlds, wreaks upon the Flayer's constitution, crushing them into a far smaller but no less powerful - psionic Illithid.

Includes: Re-mastered Synchable Digital Map designed to join with other Meanders. Standard 5 File Zip JPEG Bundle supplied with Hex, 1" Square & No Grid + Multi-size VTT-Ready Maps for 100 and 50 ppg.

Underdark 01

SKU: Underdark01
$1.00 Regular Price
$0.50Sale Price

    5 Standard Hi-Resolution JPEG Maps supplied: 

    • (HX) = Large 8100 x 5400 px with Interlocking Hex Grid
    • (L#) = Large 8100x5400 px with 1" Sq Grid 
    • (L) = Large 8100x5400 px with No Grid
    • (M) = Medium 2700x1800 px (100 px per grid) for VTT
    • (S) = Small 1350x900 px (50 px per grid) for VTT


    Approximate Zipped File Size: (40MB)


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