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PELAGIC - is one of the sets in the 'Soloman Temple Squares' series - which aims to be the largest modular dungeon tile system ever created for RPG.  With over 320 sets comprising more than 46,000 individual tiles in the range - S.T.S offers unprecedented range for foundational dungeon building. The colour and theme of your dungeon can completely alter or capture the mood, emotion, feeling and atmosphere of your adventure and whether you need environmental representation (hot, cold, misty, dry), planar representation, other dimensions, planets, underwater, sky, futuristic, superhero, fantasy or sci-fi flavoured dungeon tiles - STS allows you to customize an appropriate dungeon or layout to suit.


Each set features 144 JPG tiles with a huge range of assorted layouts for dungeon building.


Each Zipped Bundle Pack contains a code with a link to a folder where you will find three sub-folders with the square set in 800x800 (72dpi), 1120x1120 (72dpi) and 2400x2400 (300dpi). Suited to various VTT's and for Printing.


Every set has its own name and is identical in layout to all the others except for its colouring/theme - so a (3) in one set will be the same design in all other sets. Rotate and join the 144 different tiles to create a virtually unlimited array of layouts. Easily rebuild classic maps with the correct specifications for Virtual Table Top - or make your own custom monster-sized labyrinths. --- STS is also compatible with my Meanders: Synchable Terrain series which uses the same stone patterning - allowing you to easily drop in art-matching, custom expansion areas connected to an exit/entrance or where ever you like.


Usage: Simply download the purchased file, unzip it, grab your code and access your Soloman Temple Squares :)

Soloman Temple Squares - PELAGIC

$4.99 Regular Price
$1.25Sale Price
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