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Game Tile Warehouses' SS-Elkan is a massive 7560x3528 template Galactic Space Cruiser equipped with a Forcefield and 4 Particle Beam Cannons. This innovative new concept of Digital Skins boldly takes Meanders toward new frontiers. The first of many such skins to come.


Its special design enables you to shrink and slot up to 20 Small Size [ideally 680x460] Meanders* into the pre-sized compartments to customize your own ship layouts for a greater sense of realism and executive control. This space-based behemoth is the perfect accompaniment to your Sci-fi Meanders maps and includes blank versions of the core terrain templates to enable you to expand the scene your own way or enhance your favourite sci-fi game including Starfinder, Star Wars, Shadowrun and many others. Craft a battle-heavy fighter class, cargo-based or commercial cruiser by selecting various meanders to populate the room slots. Enjoy a full perimeter boundary enabling full use of all meander doors and lots of wide corridors, gantries and platforms to explore with loads of room to place down your custom assets/objects.


Use larger original meanders to zoom in on the respective play areas as action unfolds or use the mapped cruiser itself - or explode the terrain your way using over 100 other available Sci-fi Meanders - it's up to you.

This special sci-fi kitset includes 10 7560x3528 300dpi jpg maps -

SS Elkan AsteroidBelt / AsteroidBelt Scape
SS Elkan DeepSpace / DeepSpace Scape
SS Elkan LostGalaxy / LostGalaxy Scape
SS Elkan Metalplate / Metalplate Scape
SS Elkan Planetside / Planetside Scape

*Or you can enlarge the ship to fit larger-scale Meanders inside.

R20 Meanders Digital Skin- Spaceship I

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