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Description: These are Corporate environments complete with lofty city skyscrapers and industrial complexes towering above the blur of bustling streets far below. They feature massive scale modern-day designs that measure 27 x 18" and can be combined together to give a sprawling city roofscape surface ideal for Modern-Day Themed RPGs, displays, lego backdrops, airborne miniatures and offering a stunning visual expansion for games such as Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, or Superhero Settings such as Superman, Batman.

Includes: This Pack includes 6 giant Rooftop Maps from my Urban Rooftop Day & Night Kickstarter and assorted extras such as Carpark,Toxic Waste Spill, Pool, Bridges, Building Walkways etc. It also includes a bonus Supernatural Ghost Portal 27x18" Design and four 10x10" Supernatural Activity Roof Designs. Please note: All smaller tiles are pre-gridded with a 1" grid and not supplied without a grid. The larger files are supplied in JPG, PDF and PNG formats in a variety of grids and no grid.


Usage: This pack contains a zipped PDF, unzip it for the code (or codes). Copy and paste the code into your url to gain access to a Googledrive account and the folders that contain the maps to download them.

Modern Urban Rooftop Mega Map Bundle Code

SKU: URBMapBundle
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