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Game Tile Warehouses' SS-Elkan Planetside is a huge Galactic Space Cruiser equipped with a Forcefield and 4 Particle Beam Cannons on a massive 50x23" planet surface template.


Its special design enables you to slot up to 20 Small Size [1350x900] Meanders into the pre-sized compartments to customize your own ship layouts and helps add a greater sense of realism to sci-fi gaming.  This space-based behemoth is the perfect accompaniment to your Sci-fi Meanders maps to enhance your favourite sci-fi game including Starfinder, Star Wars, Shadowrun and many others.


Just open it in any image editing program and add a new layer. Then open your small meanders maps and copy and paste them into the room sockets provided. Once you've built your layout you can take a screenshot of the finished ship to help show your players the scope of the vessel or to map where they are in the Cruiser. Use larger meanders to zoom in on the respective play areas or use the
mapped cruiser itself - it's up to you. 


Craft a battle-heavy fighter class, cargo-based or commercial cruiser by selecting various meanders to populate the room slots. Enjoy a full perimeter boundary enabling full use of all meander doors and lots of wide corridors, gantries and platforms to explore with loads of room to place down your custom assets/objects. Featuring JPG versions with a blue gridded layout an ungridded layout and the blue grid as a PNG file itself so you can add your rooms and then add the grid. This innovative new concept of digital map skins boldly takes Meanders toward new frontiers. 



Meanders: Digital Skin [Planetside]

SKU: DskinElkanPlanet
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