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Description:  These unique High-Quality, High-Detail JPEG Maps are specially designed to fit with each other and join paths top-bottom, left-right to create huge instant seamless terrains. 


Includes: This Pack includes a Zipped Code for Downloading all 59 Maps from the Meanders 1 Campaign with Maps for Jungle, Forest, Ice, Desert, Wild West, Castle, Gemstone Caverns, Village, Town, Underdark, Night-time and Autumnal Forest, Cthulhu, Treetops, Crashed Alien Spaceship and Various Planet Surfaces.  It also includes a small discount for purchasing as a bulk pack.


Usage: This pack contains a zipped PDF, unzip it for the code (or codes). Copy and paste the code into your url to gain access to a Googledrive account and the folders that contain the maps to download them.

Meanders 1 Assorted Map Bundle Code

SKU: M1MapBundle

    5 Standard Hi-Resolution JPEG Maps supplied: 

    • (HX) = Large 8100 x 5400 px with Interlocking Hex Grid
    • (L#) = Large 8100x5400 px with 1" Sq Grid 
    • (L) = Large 8100x5400 px with No Grid
    • (M) = Medium 2700x1800 px (100 px per grid) for VTT
    • (S) = Small 1350x900 px (50 px per grid) for VTT


    Approximate Zipped File Size: (20MB)


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