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Description: This Digital Token set is compatible with the DnD 5th Edition RPG system & designed to allow players to easily, and quickly, track their character's status effects. The contrasting green and yellow banners with striking silhouettes enables identification at a (distant) glance and a corresponding description of the condition is also included on the reverse.


Usage: Included are the Individual Digital tokens + Ready-to-Print US Letter Token Sheets for USA Customers, and a Ready-to-Print A3 Token Sheet for my Australian Customers. Tokens print at approximately 1.25" and are pre-joined so you can simply cut and fold. This pack contains a zipped PDF with code. Copy and paste the code into your url to gain access to a Googledrive account and the folder that contains the tiles/sheets to download them.

GTW Condition Tokens Set

SKU: Dnd5etokencode
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