Description: Set in the season of Spring, it is still cold and rainy - while the birds are out, the trees verdant and green and markets in full swing with fresh harvest produce, most houses have roaring fires choking the air (but not the detail) with thick voluminous smoke. Lower areas are wallowing in mud and run-off, still glistening wet mud and puddles.

Features:  Multi-Tiered Houses with Courtyard, Workbenches, Pigeon Coop, Firewood Stack and Multiple Access Points.

Includes: Re-mastered Synchable Digital Map designed to join with other Meanders. Standard 5 File Zip JPEG Bundle supplied with Hex, 1" Square & No Grid + Multi-size VTT-Ready Maps for 100 and 50 ppg.

Fantasy City Spring 17

SKU: FCSpr17

    5 Standard Hi-Resolution JPEG Maps supplied: 

    • (HX) = Large 8100 x 5400 px with Interlocking Hex Grid
    • (L#) = Large 8100x5400 px with 1" Sq Grid 
    • (L) = Large 8100x5400 px with No Grid
    • (M) = Medium 2700x1800 px (100 px per grid) for VTT
    • (S) = Small 1350x900 px (50 px per grid) for VTT


    Approximate Zipped File Size: (40MB)