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It's Here. This exciting new series of map packs will finally open up the option for building huge destinations to which all the other hundreds of Meanders can lead.


This pack features a huge assortment of 32 New Maps from my Fantasy City Kickstarter with multi-tier building and street exteriors set by default in the season of Spring - with tendrilled smoke curling from homes still in the cold grip of morning/evening chill, lush green foliage, flocks of birds and bustling markets and trade. Explore the slums of the poorer districts and wind your way through sketchy alleyways lurking with hidden dangers. Tread the paved stones of the upper echelon and visit the High Streets and their trade markets amid swirling tendrils of smoke. Lose yourself in the meandering clusters of buildings, on the street, by rooftop or even delve below ground into the ominous sewers. Enjoy the ability to easily blend your new cities with existing core Meander terrains such as Jungle, Ice, Forest and Desert creating continuity throughout your session.

Forest Road Castle Entrance Blender
Desert Road Castle Entrance Blender
Swamp/Jungle Road Castle Entrance Blender
Ice Road Castle Entrance Blender
Castle Gate Courtyard Horizontal Entrance
Castle Gate Courtyard Vertical Entrance
Cathedral and Inn
Main Street Diagonal
Main Street Diagonal B
House Garden Cluster with Well and Stairs
Main Street with Stairs to Terraced Houses
Houses and Apple Pickers with Well
Rough Main Street Meat Cleavers
Main Street Narrow Alley Market Street
Barricaded Street Alley with Thieves Hideout
Main Street with Forge, Inn and Market
Industrial Cluster and Courtyard
High Street Tavern and Boarding
Fenced Cathedral
Poor District A
Poor District B
Twin Cluster with Central Courtyard
Main Street Merchants Alley
Main Street Dockyard Market
Offstreet Well and Rough Courtyard
Poor District Crowded Narrow Cluster
High Street Market and Henge
High Street Tavern and Sewer Alley Entrance
Tavern Courtyard Cluster
Sewer Catacombs A
Sewer Catacombs B
Sewer Temple Complex


Maps are sized specially for FG at 1350x900 and under 500 kb each to help prevent slow-down during play. DM Convenience is the focus with carefully labelled maps and several ways to access, use and choose the maps in this module. Use the VISUAL MAP SELECTION PANEL and pick your map from the thumbnails and yellow label by clicking on the pin. Or use the RANDOM ROLL TABLES to pick your destination at random.


Requires:An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset.


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.

Usage: Download the file. Unzip the file and import the .mod file into your Fantasy Ground module folder by dragging it into the module folder window. Reload Fantasy Grounds and select the module from the Library to load it.


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.

Spring Fantasy City: Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack

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