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Draconis Ocularis - more commonly known as The Dragon Oracle, is a set of 32 infamous images frequently used in fortune-telling. minor sorcery and less frequently as meditative mirrors for plumbing the depths of a mages inner soul reflecting dark secrets back at them. The lore and meanings behind this Deck are given through a Guide Book.

Additionally - this set contains the SLUG, an alternative fantasy-themed deck of cards resembling the standard deck of 52 playing cards. The SLUG Deck is so-named because of the first letters of each of the four heraldic animals that feature in it: Snakes, Lions, Unicorns, Gryphons instead of Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. DM's and players will find it easy to recognize the appropriate card as normal due to the labelling of each image with its traditional pip but the presentation will allow for a much more immersive fantasy-style card-playing experience.

Draconis Ocularis - Fantasy Tarot and Playing Card Set.

SKU: DraconisOcularis
  • Compatible with other VTT's this set of 375 x 540 JPEG Oracle images can be used for full spreads and 691 x 1056 JPEGS for stand-in fantasy-themed playing cards.

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