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Includes: This Pack includes a huge range of assorted tiles from my Dungeon Roomz Kickstarter in 25mm scale with pre-textured stone walls. [No Grids] Ranging from 4x4", 5x5", 2x8", 8x8", 10x10", 10x16" and EIGHT 27x18" digital tiles compatible with Meanders in huge highly detailed 4 map DUNGEON and 4 map SEWER sets. More than 100 other room tiles offer worn stone floors marked with glowing eldritch runes, insectoid burrows, large bridges across dank water, sewer pipes, a temple, grates, outflows and waterways, cobwebbed columns and pits, stepping stones and planks, ravines, dust-filled tombs, torch-lit staircase, mosaic tiles to gigantic intricately detailed mega-dungeon layouts on which to place the included 75 mini tile vectors inc traps, tables, furniture and more. Tiles are arranged carefully on transparent sheets as PNGs so you can copy and paste them and vectors easily.


Usage: This pack contains a zipped PDF with codes. Copy and paste each code into your url to gain access to a Googledrive account and the folders that contain the tiles to download them.

Digital Dungeon Roomz Map Bundle Code

SKU: DDRBundleCode
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