Thanks to the support from my last kickstarter project GTW now has improved shopping options such as a cart system and flat-rate shipping. This has allowed us to give a flat-rate shipping cost to the UNITED STATES of $10 for up to 1kg and $15 for up to 5kg regardless of what you order - and a staggered shipping rate for INTERNATIONAL customers calculated by weight in kilograms. This means you can order a lot of stuff from us for a flat rate without paying extra in shipping.   

International Fees:


  • 0-1 kg costs a flat rate of $35.

  • 1-2 kg costs a flat rate of $65.

  • 2-3 kg costs a flat rate of $95.

  • 3-5 kg + costs a flat rate of $130.

  • 5+ costs a flat rate of $180.


I am doing my best bring down prices for individual international purchases - but as GTW will specialize in larger kits soon it is more cost effective to place several orders at the same time such as for our Deluxe Rooftop Tile Set, RPG Swag Bag or Reign of Terrain sets which are heavy units. GTW will also soon be offering digital file downloads that will assist GTW customers in limiting postal costs. 



Kristofer McDermott

CEO of Game Tile Warehouse

Victoria, Australia