Marketplace Assortment A




#006 Marketplace Assortment A

The Marketplace Assortment A is a 1.25 x 1.75" sized collection of 56 assorted detailed marketplace staples such as shopfronts, silk & yarn bins, barrels of goods including fresh produce, wine and grains, wagons and market stalls. Each tile is reversible; on the back, shop fronts have closed doors, wagons are empty, barrels are empty, bins are empty. Please specify Stand colour Black, White, Blue, Red, Green or Yellow when ordering Stands or default colour will be provided.







What you get:

1 deck of (56) 1.25 x 1.75 inch card tiles


Made up of:

1 x Apothecary Shopfront
1 x Appraiser Shopfront
1 x Arbalester Shopfront
1 x Bakery Shopfront
1 x Bank Shopfront
1 x Butcher Shopfront
1 x Distillery Shopfront
1 x Fletcher Shopfront
1 x Curios Shopfront
1 x Furniture Shopfront 
1 x Iron Monger Shopfront
1 x Furrier Shopfront
1 x Kennels Shopfront
1 x Maps/Cartographer Shopfront
1 x Mason Shopfront
1 x Tailor Shopfront
1 x Staffery Shopfront
1 x Weaver Shopfront


4 x Empty Wooden Market Stall at Dawn A
- Fish Stalls by Waterfront/Street (3 types)
- Blue & White Striped Fish Stall A


3 x Empty Wooden Market Stall at Dawn B
- Fish Stalls by Waterfront (2 types)
- Blue & White Striped Fish Stall B


3 x Empty Wooden Market Stall in Rainy Street
-Exotic Fruit Stall with Castle Background
-Exotic Fruit Stall with Striped Tent Interior Background
-Exotic Fruit Stall with Marketplace Background


8 x Three Barrels on Wooden planks
-Opened/Spoiled Wine in Barrels infested with Rats
-Corn/Grain/Rice/Salt in Barrels on Planks
-Assorted Vegetables on Planks
-Fresh Fish in Barrels
-Salted Fish in Barrels
-Potatoes at assorted levels in Barrels
-Fermenting and Fresh Wine in Stacked Vats
- Assortment of Varieties of Wine in Vats


5 x Three Barrels on Dirt
- Potatoes and Sealed Barrels Stacked
- Residual and Half-Empty Potatoes Infested with Rats
- Full Potato Harvest in Barrels
- Assorted Vegetable Produce in Barrels
-Assorted Stacked Powders, Grains and Staples.


5 x Three Barrels on Flagstone
- Corn, Flour, Salt in Barrels
- Assorted Vegetables in Barrels A
-Assorted Vegetables in Barrels B (with Rats)
- Assorted Opened/Tilted Lid Potato Barrels
- Sealed Barrels Stacked High


3 x Wooden Bin with 6 Compartments
-Assorted Silks & Cloth 
- Assorted Yarn & Wool 


2 x Array of Fish Stall by Waterfront
2 x Array of Fish Stall in Cobblestone Street
2 x Array of Fruit Stall in Meadow


1 x Signature GTW Card