Hot & Dry Terrain Tilepack

             77 Unotiles




GTW is pleased to introduce a new and larger range of Terrain Tiles measuring 1.25 x 1.25" (31mm x 31mm).  These larger tiles can be centralized within a 4 square block or neatly take up 9 existing HQ squares.  

Separated into two piece types, Interlocking and Free, Interlocking tiles use four tiles to make a larger terrain type, whilst the free tiles feature their own individually enclosed terrain type allowing for a greater variety of options.


Our HOT & DRY terrain set features 76 tiles (+ one special signature GTW tile) of molten, fiery and dry terrains including boiling mud, orange/green flame, embers, lava, sulphuric acid and hot springs. This set has been carefully balanced to give you a diverse tile range with enough doubles to represent most and sizeable fiery environments.


To make finding the pieces you need more easily this set does not feature a different image on the reverse, but has the same image on both sides.












What you get: 


Free Tiles:
Grey Boiling Mud (4 types)
Drought Cracked Recesses (4 types)
Orange Fire Pits x 8 (4 types)
Green Flame Pits (4 types)
Glowing Ember Pits x 8 (4 types)
Crystal Blue Hot Spring (4 types)
Yellow Smoke Lava Pits x 8 (4 types)
Yellow Smoke Acid Pits (4 types)

Interlocking Tiles:
Blue Steaming Hot Spring (4 pieces)
Green Flame Crater (4 pieces)
Glowing Ember Crater x 2 (4 pieces)
Recessed Lava Crater (4 pieces)
Liquid Grey Hot Mud (4 pieces)
Yellow Smoke Fire Crater x 2 (4 pieces)




#014B H&DTerrain1.25