I began this website with a goal in mind. To eventually design enough different stuff to produce a gigantic all-in-one mixed bag that would satisfy the needs of every new fantasy RPG gamer. One year on I am pleased to say that that bag is now happening.


The RPG SWAG BAG is an attempt to give you all of the components pictured left and more in a massive All-in-One complete starter kit.


Imagine you're ready to take the plunge as a DM and start playing and hosting a Fantasy RPG for a group of lucky adventurers ready to take up blade and shield, staff and bow - and all you need is some equipment, some dungeon tiles and terrain for your table-top to start weaving your stories. If you're just starting out you probably don't have a big box of tiles, markers, tokens, mats yet. You may not even know what you need. 












Well, if you want to host games where you build miniature scenes with houses and taverns, streets and alleys, put down barrels and crates, a marketstall or travelling caravan, have your adventurers storm castles or cross farm fields, icy terrain or grassy plains you're going to need a fair bit of stuff. You'll need Dice, Assorted sized Tiles and Tokens representing everything from a treasure chest to a spell effect, characters & monsters, traps, shops, drops and much more. I want to bring all of the basic things you need into a single kit that you can use in virtually any fantasy campaign. All I need, is your funding and support to make it the biggest, baddest, best and perhaps even the first, all-in-one Dungeon Master Kit.


I've begun by crafting a unique world map featuring every terrain I could think of, with the plan of making a playable map for every location featured on that map, as well as a detailed description of each location, with tiles and tokens made to suit all of these general terrains. I have called this world, Krissalia and a presently locked map version of it is pictured below and beneath it a page from the PDF 'mini-tome' describing just one the worlds 20+ locations, the Meredark Jungle. Keep going down to check out samples of the Jungle Terrain!




Welcome Dungeon Master, to an Age of Exploration. I unfurl before you a Vision and Map of the gigantic land of Krissalia, a land recovering from a great war with forces of darkness and the state of its varied kingdoms in deep question. Drop your adventurers into the thick of the action to travel the world learning the fate of highly varied terrains and exciting locations with unique history and features ready for your RPG that you can use as ideas and jump-off points for your own quests, with all of the bits and pieces needed to set up a matching physical atmosphere.


Stuck for story ideas? Already set in motion, a large mix of detailed open-ended stories and scenes via a 25 page detailed World History describing over 20 Locations which you can add extra details to, fleshing out this ready-made kit-world to suit hundreds of campaigns! Need the setting for an impending Demonic War? A long journey? Somewhere challenging to obtain a special herb? A show-down in the Swamp? Contact with a lost race? Difficult terrains that make the players think outside the box? Wondrous lost worlds? A Desert-locked Asylum, A remote Ice-Prison? Extraordinary Wonders? Ruined Temples? Inhospitable Magical Lands? Raging Oceans? Unique Monsters and Creatures? A Colourful and Coherent World History to tie everything together? A Royal Observatory high in the Mountains? A Gladiatorial Arena? A Large Fortress or Cavern Floorplan? This Swag Bag has a unique world map, written history and terrain for all of it and more. With your assistance there will be specially designed mats for each location, from Jungle, Forest, Swamp, Mountain, Plains, Tundra, Ice, Lakes, Rivers, Wasteland, Desert, Beach and Ocean AND a World Map to go with them so your adventurers can chart their journey or know where in the world they in relation to the wider picture. 


These will be combined with hundreds of assorted sized mixed tiles used to create virtually any setting you desire with just one kit. Need a castle, fields, city – no problem. Need a boat, cart, haystack? - no problem. Monsters? The Swag Bag includes a dozen new types of boss monsters unique to the world locations with many suggestions for others within the world histories offering loads of jump-off points for creative expansion. 


With the Swag bag you can set-up a roadside caravan, a crystal cavern or a forest clearing for an ambush and countless other scenes. You can add some 3d crystals, or tiles of trees, bushes, skeletons, treasure, traps and hundreds more choices to your environment. It could include a generous starter pack of mixed dice and a bag to keep them in, and a striking DM Screen to make your private rolls as you take your adventurers through their paces. For enhancing game props imagine some beautifully textured parchment graphics included for you to make up your character sheets and two or even three unique magical font scripts specially designed for you to add to your fonts and craft arcane artifacts and atmospheres. There could be spell effects, round tiles, square tiles, hexagonal tiles, even a dragon on a treasure hoard... enough to pretty much create any terrain or environment with a matching art style that you need - without having to buy dozens of kits. I literally ran out of room on my Kickstarter page trying to detail and explain all of the cool things and features that will be in this kit, so here are a few details I had to cut out.


THE DM SCREEN: The DM Screen is a foldable 10 x16" screen with customary arch. A common complaint with DM Screens is that they have too much art on the inside and don't leave enough room for charts and tables, and another is that when they are supplied, charts and tables are often unsuitable to the DM. My screen aims to be beautifully designed on the exterior, with arcane glyph-edged papyrus imagery on the interior where DM's can glue their own bits and pieces, rules and information particular to their RPG style and also particular to their DM style.


WORLD MARKER TOKENS: World Marker tokens are unique tokens designed to be used with your printed map of the world of Krissalia but can be used on virtually any map to indicate special events taking place in areas, the location of armies or parties hunting for adventurers, treasure hoard locations or destination spots, natural disasters such as fire or flood, plague or locations that are over-run with X. These are 0.75" rounded tokens that you can place on the map to pin-point the locations of certain events and indicate: NPC's or Enemies Looking for you, Dogs, Bandits, Assasination Target(s), Artifact Location, Closed Road, Dragon, Roadsign, Healer, Town, Market, Horses, Supplies, Tavern, Mine, Gold, Blacksmith, Shipwreck, Haunted Location, Flooded, War-torn, Active War, Army, Scout, Important Mission, Side Mission, Snowed Over, Sacked Village, Water, Important Person, Destination, Rockfall, Monster Encounter, Ravine, Magical Area, Undead, Graveyard, Church, Caves.


SPELL EFFECTS:Beautifully detailed these 3.5 x 4" hexagonal mats are a great basic addition to your games allowing you to represent a variety of cast spell effect areas with frost, fire, poison, smoke, flash, incendiary, earth, wind, and other elemental-based varieties of spell effects from your magic casters.







WORLD COMPASS: This 8x8 Round Mat with Dial allows your players to navigate both land and ocean in more realistic fantasy scenarios where orientation plays a part - or a useful device if you want to include orientation in some of your quests or with a particular group of advanced adventurers. Gives you the option to include a navigatable labyrinth or ability to prevent getting hopelessly lost in poor visibility scenarios such as mist, rain, snow, smoke or warfare for example. Also makes a nice prop for your table to compliment your World Map!


WEATHER DIAL: Decide random weather effects easily with this second Round Mat with a Dial with more than a dozen different types of environment including varieties of rain and snow from light and flurry to downpour and blizzard. A useful device and nice prop for your table, it can also be used to indicate the longevity or activity of certain weather-based spells or enchantments in a location or area.


GTW QUEST SUGGESTION DIE: RANDOM QUEST SUGGESTION die have a green core and are decorated with 'cool' colours such as green, light blue or dark blue and advise on the Precise Location of the Quest, the Terrain Area of the Quest, the Difficulty of the Quest, the Type of Quest, the Obstacle to the Goal, the Villain in the Quest.


CHANCE ENOUNTER DIE: CHANCE ENCOUNTER die have a red core and are adorned with 'warm' coloured stickers such as red, orange or yellow and advise on the Type, Quantity, Location and When players will encounter skirmishes as well as suggests Side-Quests and DIstances to encounters.


Use 4-6 die to roll up exciting new and

unexpected variations and take advantage

of the 36 different answers on the faces.

Or the die can be mixed for adding vastly

more detail with up to 12 Descriptors

from 72 faces and easily sorted back out

due to their highly visible core colours.

Perfect for rolling an entirely random

descriptive adventure, side-quest or

random NPC/Monster encounter.

Measuring 19mm x 19mm and made

from light-weight but tough plastic, the

indented blank dice are designed to be

used with custom Dice Stickers. The die

have a concave spot on each side designed

to protect the sticker during rolling.


These are just some of the extra features

associated with the RPG SWAG BAG: With

enough support for this campaign we can

work together to unlock over 30+ unlockable mats, map upgrades, coin tokens, more unique monsters, dozens of mini-room templates and more with a variety of kit-types to work with every budget. Your contribution will be

ensuring the future of many yet-to-be or would-be gamers preparing to enter the exciting and enduring world of RPG by helping to equip them easily and inexpensively with a mixed super kit of every basic they need to start their journey in the world of Fantasy Role-Play Gaming – and me to continue bringing my tiles,  mats, tokens and boards in new and expanded, improved, exciting variations and editions. I constantly strive to improve my design ability and capture more and  more detail with every project, below you can see the improvements I have made from my old ground template vs. the new one I have designed especially for the swag bag...


If this is the kit you have been waiting for - visit my Kickstarter to see more about the RPG SWAG BAG today and pledge your allegience to seeing this project fund!

Unlockable Enhanced Map
      Rough Creature Sketch
      Sample Jungle Mat Artwork: Available in Cross-Hatch & Grid Overlay.