GEAS: Broken Gods

A World Dungeon Crawler Game of Epic Proportions by Kris McDermott

A Hydra with Two Heads: 

ORIGINAL: 1% Roleplay. 99% Game. Dazzling Complexity meets Effortless Simplicity in my ULTIMATE TRIBUTE to the RPG Industry and realization to make a fantasy world and system that compliments, and rivals the Dungeon Crawls of yore.


DND5e: Coded into the worlds most popular game - a five-part quintology of one-shots that can be played in any order in a huge campaign that introduces the world, weapons, wonders and terrors of GEAS - packaged into Fantasy Grounds and loaded with special features, maps, tokens and more.

Playtesting the Digital Boardgame GEAS inside CoreRPG Fantasy Grounds.