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Lost Mines Map Pack (Free Download)

I am the Maphatter and This - is my free personal use homebrew map pack for the Lost Mines containing 18 maps. 

I have no association with WOTC and am a freelance designer running with all my own work, running into the tens of thousands of tiles, more than 1200+ other maps and much more. I have only been doing digital design for the last four years but my output is prolific and very decent quality.  I have also innovated a number of crucial tools for DM's inventing much easier ways to do things, such as Squareware, my Digital Coin Forge and Den of Iniquity (a gambling module). All of my maps are designed using GIMP and in high-resolution which is retained for use within VTT.

This set came about because

  • I find that the original maps were not designed for virtual table top - and therefore when used in VTT often - pinch the space making it hard for players to occupy a square clearly; have passages that are occasionally too narrow, have things out of scale - or the map in question is entirely missing from the adventure altogether.

  • Secondly I wanted and created a set that would fit with my Meanders: Modular Battlemaps / Synchable Terrain series and would enable me to indefinitely extend the terrain in my particular style.

  • All of my maps are built on a 5ft = 1" scale and furnishings are 99% of the time clearly in their own space allowing free passage of the players tokens without standing on decor.


I have followed the descriptions given in the adventure as closely as possible but without giving too much away visually. I've made modifications where I deem necessary to fit the particular system of my meanders maps by shifting some dimensions of some rooms slightly or in the case of many town buildings used my own discretion entirely - features the DM can easily change with a few less or more words when running the adventure. As my style is to build in very high resolution and include a great deal of detail I have increased the
visibility and visual clarity of many objects and scenes to such an extent they no longer need or are supplied with a legend key.


Lastly, my style is 2.5d, gritty, darker and far more realistic - which is how I like, my RPG. As a licensed user and creator on both Roll20 and FantasyGrounds I have experience as a DM, player and creator and they are both fantastic pieces of software that bring a great deal of enjoyment to others which is why I enjoy and am proud to support them and many others by making my art available - but maps that don't fit the VTT or my own requirements are frustrating, (its not their fault, they work with what they are given) - and out of that frustration I set about creating a new set which I am releasing into the wild today. 

Please consider supporting my work with a purchase on my other items such as Meanders maps or Meanders tokens at Roll20, FantasyGrounds, Steam, DrivethruRPG or here at GTW if you download and use this free set so that I can in future make more free maps for other adventures to release to the RPG industry increasing everyone who uses these adventures enjoyment all the more. If not that, then tell others about GameTileWarehouse and Meanders and help my work
become a more prominent feature in the RPG gaming industry.

Buying from my allied outlets also helps them to stay in business but the occasional splurge at my store means I take all of the profit. Finally, keep an eye out for my kickstarters to get the best price, lots of extras, exclusives and fast delivery way before my maps hit the shops and help me continue with the aim of creating a total of 2000 maps in the series by 2021 with
Meanders: the worlds largest digital modular terrain map set.


Map sets are sized for Roll20 with a grid size of 140x140px and sized for FantasyGrounds at a 50x50px grid.


Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott

Gametilewarehouse (GTW)

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