Apr 26, 2017

Re: Soloman Temple Squares


It is hoped that the Soloman Temple Square concept can be improved and re-launched - with a new understanding of sizing, vtt requirements and the ability to create superior tiles, this product deserves a second go. Only this time, if it is sold as a physical set, it will be as a boxed set of professional tiles made by a good game company like WinGo - to ensure superior formatting, a storage box, and better quality, less expensive materials than the previous incarnation. I hope to work on these towards the end of the year, after my Sci-fi Meanders launch, mini-Zombie Meanders launch, and my DM toolkit late in the year or early 2018.

Jul 29, 2017

Following Discussion with WinGo - it is entirely possible that these little map making tiles will be produced as a professional set in the near future.

Jan 28, 2018

Digital sets of these Dungeon Planner [Soloman Temple Squares] are scheduled for release from the GTW Store soon. (Early Feb 2018) on a trial basis.


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  • A set of Urban Meanders is planned for release, so the Urban Rooftop maps will be re-visited with new sets to be made compatible with the Meanders range. In addition - these new sets will feature entire buildings with different floors and sub-sections from the penthouse to offices, to the foyer to the basement.