Frequently Asked Questions about GTW Services and Products



Q: Where are you guys based?
A: Melbourne, Australia but presently use United States Manufacturers.


Q: Are these home-made tiles?

A: No. We work with a professional game manufacturer to produce high-quality low-cost additions to RPG games that will endure years of use and resist common wear & tear.


Q: Is it true you make all of these tiles yourself? Just one guy?

A: It is. And so far I have made several thousand. However I will be enlisting help from a friend who runs the excellent Atelophobia Graphics for occasional textures and who produced some of the insane looking portals in the Quest Chest and Quest Superchest.


Q: How do I buy GTW Tiles?
A: i. ) After you decide what you want to buy just visit the SHOP to place your order. 
     ii.) For more information please see
'Ordering' in the 'About GTW' Section.


Q: What currency do you accept?
A: Our pricing structure is in US Dollars but we will accept most currencies.


Q: How long do I have to wait after ordering?
A: It depends where you are but it is typical to wait three weeks after ordering for the products to be manufactured and then shipped. For more information please see 'Ordering' in the 'About GTW' Section.


Q: Is this officially branded merchandise?
A: Absolutely not and we make no pretense that it is. Our tiles are designed to be compatible and compliment existing franchises, but that is where the slight similiarity ends. GTW supplies equivalents that could reasonably be expected to match replacements or suit existing products.


Q: Where in the world do you ship to? 
A: We will ship to anywhere in the world.


Q: Can I get custom-made dice, maps, tiles and tokens made through GTW?
A: Yes, at the moment we are building inventory and about to unleash a tsunami of new tiles, tokens and mats - but will soon make custom design options available.
For more information please see
'About GTW'.


Q: Will you be making PDF/Electronic Tiles/Maps available?
A: We will be gradually rolling these out, yes.


Q: I want to support you guys how can I help?

A: You can support us to stay afloat in a highly competitive market in numerous ways.


A) By buying our products

B) By buying our products, seeing them first-hand, and telling others about them

C) Sharing our images on your sites such as reddit or instagram, facebook and so on  

D) Letting us know what tiles you'd like to see us make  

E) Adding our site to your page as a resource for game tiles/tokens and dice.

F) Supporting our Kickstarter campaigns.  

G) Mentioning us to your local RPG stores as a distributor of gaming tiles.

H) Giving us feedback on what you liked or didn't like about our tiles so we can make adjustments, improvements and give you the ultimate Game Tile Warehouse.


With your help, nothing is impossible.