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Dungeon Master Maphatter

Though often too busy to actually use much of the stuff I create - I began DM'ing mid 2018 and have since run about 60-70 games ranging from 2-3 hours with 2 players, to 6 players and 8 hours. My first session as a DM was in fact 6 players and 8 hours, testing my upcoming 'Blood and Sand' module, part of a quintology of new 5e adventures due to hit the FG Store later this year. I am quite new to 5e and FG - but do love running adventures when I can. I sometimes use them as a way to test my creations live in the field, and see how they perform in action, i.e. Squareware. Here are two sessions that I recorded. Unfortunately I cannot increase my file size on youtube as neither the code send works or the phone call either - so I just upload the files to my google drive. I also use these sessions to teach others how to use Fantasy Grounds and and play 5e so they may prove informative to anyone trying to learn either:  Hope you enjoy :)

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Session #22

This one-shot session (1:32:00) sees two PC's flee a marauding orcish scouting party by escaping into a cave - only for things to become much, MUCH, worse...


Session #23

This one-shot session (2:56:00) sees two PC's taken through a sample battle before the main course. This session uses a trial (AI) Artificial Intelligence NPC run through SquareWare. On an expedition in the Meredark Jungle of the world of Geas,  two PC's join forces to research a rare coin. Following a map the party sets off to explore a nearby ruin.

Main Game starts approx 52:00

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