Looking for a fantastic rooftop tile set for chase scenes, thieves guilds, rogues, villains, vampires, street urchins, lookouts and more?  


The Deluxe Rooftop Set from GTW offers a massive variety of types of highly-detailed rooftops to be laid down to form a physical representation of the roofs of an old world fantasy town/city complete with stacks of smoking chimneys, soot, grime, patched roofing, planked walkways, assorted height drops, into dark alleys and streets below and more with enough roofs to suit most fantasy RPG needs and are available both as mats or dry erasable boards.


Each tile is reversible allowing both a day and a night scene version of the tile for both dawn and nocturnal adventures and the rooftops can be added to, layered or even overlaid with special single tiles made for this set with silhouetted windows, trapdoors, grates, pigeon coops, trash, barrels, crates, decks and more to craft a world just how you want it for exciting chases and pursuits, exploits and escapes - simultaneously allowing action to occur on the tiled rooftops above and cobbled streets below.


These tiles have been designed to maximise potential for story-telling, including multiple access/exit points, chokepoints for ambushes, elevated positions for spying, poorer district derelict buildings, stately manor side homes and city garden vs the seedier red light district, wharf-front dock and pub, thieves guild, very dark alleys/streets, interesting details on the tiles, and burning versions to add more exciting plot elements to your games. 


You can choose from the sets available and build your own city according to what you need or buy one of GTW's Deluxe Kits. - The Ultimate Rooftop Set is here!