Classic Wooden Chairs Tileset 0.75"

                150 Unotiles



#015A  ClassicChairs


     The Classic Chair Tileset offers 150 wooden-framed plush-style chair tiles measuring 0.75 x 0.75"  in 16 different colours: Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Forest Green, Olive, Orange, Gold, Dark Pink, Magenta, Plum, Brown, Purple, Royal Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow, Grey + 3 different grains of Wood Chair.


Some Reverse sides show an assortment of tears with loose feather stuffing (3 different types).











What you get: 


7 x Gold Chairs *3 with Torn Stuffing on Reverse

4 x Orange Chairs

7 x Red Chairs *3 with Torn Stuffing on Reverse

6 x Dark Pink Chairs

6 x Plum Chairs 

6 x Royal Purple Chairs

4 x Dark Blue Chairs

6 x Dark Green Chairs *2 with Torn Stuffing on Reverse

4 x Olive Chairs

4 x Forest Green Chairs

7 x Brown Chairs *3 with Torn Stuffing on Reverse

4 x Yellow Chairs

4 x Magenta Chairs

4 x Purple Chairs

4 x Cobalt Blue Chairs

4 x Teal Chair *3 with Torn Stuffing on Reverse

8 x Wooden Chair A

8 x Wooden Chair B

8 x Wooden Chair C