New Meanders In Store

The Meanders from M3: Dungeons, Dragons & Dwarves have been added to the store as Individual Meanders in addition to new Bulk Map Packs that allow you to get the Meander Sets from Campaigns 1, 2, 3 and 4 at less than a dollar each and with a small bulk-buy discount. New Maps are not just limited to the recent Campaign but include Unreleased Meanders featuring new Ice Levels with Dead Ends and Chasms, the first Underwater, Ocean and Beach Maps, Mesozoic for Dinosaurs, Australian Outback and all-new Underground Warrens, Underdark and the new Tavern Portal Hub: the World Serpent Inn maps featuring a multi-layered Tavern with Corridors ending in Portals to take your adventurers to ANY Meander Wo

Squareware: Live on Kickstarter

Squareware has now launched on Kickstarter. I'm seeking funding to prototype and mass manufacture a very special dice kit I have developed that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mats and Dice to give you millions of instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - help the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue; minimize the need for manuals; free up space behind the DM screen; allow you to craft entire quest concepts in seconds; and make it easy on your shoulders, bag or pocket to carry. #dice #rpg #dnd #tabletop #gaming Kind Regards, Kris

Squareware is coming to Kickstarter...

After almost a year of development I'm finally at the stage where I'm taking the big steps into the world of international manufacturing with the innovative new die product I aim to launch in April called 'Squareware'. It's a special dice kit using 15 D6 that I have developed that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mat and Dice to give you instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - help the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue, minimize the need for manuals, free up space behind the DM screen, allow you to craft entire quest concepts in seconds and make it easy on your shoulders or pocket to carry. I have never made a dice kit before - but I be

GTW to DM in Fantasy Grounds

I hope in the next few weeks to join the ranks of DM's in Fantasy Grounds and host and DM my first Dnd5e game using Meanders maps and a pre-written campaign. I've been learning everything I can about how FG works to help make it a smoother transition :) Fingers crossed as learning how to do this may speed up the release of GEAS, my RPG game still in development. It will be great to go from just making maps, to running games using them.

New Meanders Store Release 10th April

The New Meanders 3 Maps will be making it into the GTW Store on the 10th April. This milestone will mark approximately 360 maps or just over a 3rd of the intended 1000 by 2021 for my ultimate Meanderverse. Magic, Murder and Mayhem will be my next Meander Kickstarter but then I have decided to commit to a Post-Apocalyptic release. Some special unseen and unreleased Meanders maps will also be appearing in the GTW store on April 10th so keep an eye out for those... Also in development are grouped bulk packs for each Meander Campaign with each pack offering a small discount and all of the maps from that campaign. This should help customers to load them all into their cart in one go and not hav

GTW talks Maps with Rob2e, Laerun and Fantasy Grounds College

Going live to talk about Maps, Meanders 3 and Fantasy Grounds College in fifteen minutes: The video is recorded and a link will appear here once its finished as well.

GTW, Smiteworks & Fantasy Grounds College

GTW is now one step closer to releasing an official product with Smiteworks LLC, for the Fantasy Grounds VTT through their stores and through Steam - having signed a contract early last month. My first map pack designed for FG uses a selection of 22 smaller Forest-based Meander versions combined with a random map roll table and pinned map selection panel to help DM's roll a random map or quickly navigate to the one they need using a visual panel. The smaller 1350x900 Meanders are less than 1mb in size and have the advantage of working within the limitations of FG without causing slow-down or lag. 'Venmire Woods' is now awaiting a Steam review from Valve to see if it passes into stores. None

Meanders 3: DD&D Funded

Thank you All very much for yet another successful map campaign and for your continued support growing the Meanderverse!! As always I will be working hard to ensure an on time or even early delivery by April. M3: DD&D saw more than 80+ new maps realized including the Mega-Meander Dwarven City and the Mega-Meander Demonic Prison Arena. Your help has also ensured I will be back mid-year with another round of maps: "M3: Magic, Murder and Mayhem" featuring huge expansions for the Castle such as Battlements, Siege Engine Warfare, Pre and Post Battlefield, Necromancers Forest and Mausoleum Lair, Elemental Planes, Cult Headquarters, Plague Village, City Slums (Expansions for the Medieval Town) Po

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