Meanders 3: Almost 4x funded.

With ten days to go the Meanders 3: DD&D campaign has been very successful and despite being yet to unlock its first stretchgoal - has already seen several new bonus maps added to its rewards. With ten days to go there is still a strong possibility of unlocking the giant Dwarven City map at the very least. Here is some of the most recent art designed during the campaign itself. Massive thanks to all my backers so far! Take a look at what's on offer here: Meanders3: Dungeons, Dragons & Dwarves

M3 Now Live on Kickstarter

Meanders 3: DD&D is now live. Click here to take a look at the new maps I have been working on. And to join in the campaign to fund them and more.

M3: Launch Moved Up

The Meanders 3: DD&D Kickstarter Campaign is now built and being processed by Kickstarter. With 75% of the core art now complete - I may launch early, possibly next week once Kickstarter has processed the campaign.

Meanders 3: Sneak Peek

The next campaign will see some much needed Dungeon, Dwarf and Dragon-themed Meanders added to the range. Here are some of the Dungeons in progress coming up in the kickstarter in early March. Generic Castle Dungeons (one offering a lead-in to sewers) are joined by a Crypt set, Ice set, Fire set, and Drow set. I have completed the Dwarven Levels, and will be starting on the Dragon sets shortly. This will be the first of a few campaigns this year to try and push the Meanders range into at least 500 maps by close of 2018. More details soon.

Squareware development

Squareware prototypes are finally here - but so is the Chinese New Year, so my manufacturer is on hold: but I am very excited at the superb outcome of my new kit, and can't wait to unveil it in a few months time once I have built an effective demonstration and campaign to try and place a larger order and get this mad unit onto DM's desks worldwide.

Meanders 3 Update

Meanders 3: Wave 1 is now finalized. This year because so many Meanders are coming I am doing things a little differently. There are 32 new Dwarven Meanders (100% completed) including multiple Floors to some building complexes and all Interiors with full furnishing. Line-up features a Dwarven Bank, Numerous Houses, 2 Story Mansion, Forge, Ore Mines, Mine Tracks, Courtyards, Shop and Market. These new dwarven tiles help expand the existing Mines and Caverns available in the Meanders range. A lot of new vectors were and will be created especially for these maps. Still in design are 16 new Dungeon Meanders. 4 much-needed stone generic layouts with an assortment of rooms and corridors inc. a tor

New Products Added

Introducing new digital product lines: DUNGEON LEVELS, DUNGEON BYTZ, I-MAPS and SOLOMAN TEMPLE SQUARES. Hi guys - the board designs I made and released from my Dungeon Roomz Kickstarter for SuperHeroquest are now up on the Gametilewarehouse store as digital DUNGEON LEVELS for $5 USD a pack. Mega-Sewer and Mega-Dungeon sets are both available. Each set measures a total of 54x36" so it's approx four times the amount of room for your HQ games. Fully compatible with all Meanders and all other GTW Products. Hope you like and enjoy :) Create your own gigantic ancient world maps with my new grab and dab digital I-MAP packs. In full-colour and papyrus variants. Includes 60 vectors to craft your worl

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