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I didn't have time to manage the forum last year - I will open it back up for a while and see what happens and make a decision on whether its going to add anything to the site that the news blog can't.

Mappers Delight Webinar: on Youtube

Early this morning I was privileged to take part in this webinar on Twitch by #Laerun of Fantasy Grounds College to get a group of digital RPG mappers together to discuss why we do what we do and also touch on how. This was a great opportunity to see and hear about the motivations, ideas and work of lots of other mappers in the industry and you now can view the presentation on youtube. If you were exploring the idea of getting into making maps yourself this is a great video. I was grateful to be asked and you can hear my segment at: 21:04 -46:30 The line-up included (in this order) #MapHammer, #GameTileWarehouse, #Andreas Baarbesgard, #VenatusMaps, #ZovyaMaps, #DysonLogos, #AnnaBMeyer, #Amai

Sample In Development: Squareware

Kickstarter and backer support has slowly enabled me to branch out from digital art and attempt more ambitious concepts as well. Last year after I spent some time looking into common DM habits and needs and examined available equipment and the way things are currently done I was struck with an idea. I looked around and saw nothing had been developed like it yet. I began to design a special experimental dice set used in such a way as to offer a vast concentrate of narrative but that also sought to actively decrease the amount of mental and physical energy expended by a DM in the hands, in the eyes and the brain. The feeling was that by understanding exactly how GM's operate that this specific

GTW on Mappers Delight Webinar

January Monday 28th - I will be taking part in the Fantasy Grounds College online 'Mappers Delight' webinar on Twitch featuring dozens of established and amateur map-makers discussing our trade and sharing our work with others learning how to make maps - check the Flyer or contact Aaron Marx (Laerun) for any questions about the event. I rarely use video chat but I was flattered to be asked and will be appearing to help the cause and discuss my work and techniques as well as answering any questions people may have. Hope to see you there!

Taking stock of the last 2 years as GTW

Since leaving behind my job as a ute driver delivering plasterboard and steel across Melbourne - and taking a chance putting up some digital designs on Kickstarter - my life has changed considerably, involving me more and more closely with the RPG gaming community and my hundreds of new associates and friends. In that two years I've created over 5000 tiles, 300 giant maps and had 10 successful kickstarters. I've been commissioned 45 times, created logos or assisted with art for some of the popular RPG facebook groups, had one of my ancient world maps used at the Dragon Thrones Live LARP Event in the United States, Contributed to the Italian Heroquest project, provided art for more than a doz

Meanders 3 in 2018

With the success of Digital Dungeon Bytz, the first of several planned Meanders 3 campaigns is now underway with the following list of maps in development, many suggested by backers themselves. FANTASY - Spiral Wizard Towers -New Expansions for Town, Forest, Underdark. Ruins and Temples / Buildings etc that can be added to existing Meanders. -Swamplands -Infernal Citadel (Interior) -Dwarven Citadel, Forge and Mine -Atlantis and Underwater Coral Reef -Shores, Reefs, Islands and Ocean -Large Caverns -Haunted Mansion (Interior) -Cursed Forest -Lost Temple -Clifftop Fortress/Castle -Ruined City -Sewers -Roads -Plague Town, Medieval Village, Village with walls/gate boarded up buildings beseiged b

Dungeon Bytz a Success!

Massive thanks to my 40 Backers of the Digital Dungeon Bytz Campaign! The campaign was successful and is now closed. Bytz will be delivered on approximately the 29th Jan 2018. Check the Kickstarter for any updates. A very nice start to the year right near by birthday that buys me extra time to work on new art and other projects. THANK YOU! This is now my tenth successful Kickstarter and I am very appreciative for your support. Funding this project has enabled me to pay a manufacturer for a special prototype die set that I have been developing which is designed to lessen the fatigue on the eyes, hands and mind of the Dungeon Master, go some way to eliminating the need for carrying or using he

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