Digital Dungeon Bytz LIVE

Digital Dungeon Bytz - my largest digital Kickstarter yet is now live and features over a thousand new tiles and a giant 7x4ft Borderland Ravine map. There are thousands of other tiles available as add-ons inc previous kickstarters you can also pick up with delivery in February 2018. Start the year with 100's of Terrain Maps in Fantasy/Sci-fi, Sewer & Catacombs / Dungeon Rooms, a huge Terrain Tilepack in 10x10", City Buildings/Rooftops, Effects Tokens compatible for Pathfinder, D&D5e and Savage Worlds, 100's of 8x8" Dungeon Planner Layout Tiles, Digital Coin Forge and a limited number of Commercial Licenses. - and if you're a Return Backer, you can choose any single add-on to be added free t

Dungeon Bytz from GTW

Season Greetings Everyone. As the year draws to a close lots of work is going on behind the scenes toward my RPG dungeon boardgame 'GEAS' and crucial steps have been taken toward manufacturing prototypes of a super secret new dice kit I have been working on... all thanks to the support of my customers, backers, family and friends, I look forward to sharing more details of the kits next year when they arrive. In the meantime, the New Year starts with a bang from GTW with the release of my Dungeon Bytz campaign on January 1st 2018 hopefully followed by Meanders Wave 3 in April featuring a ton of all new Fantasy Maps by which time hopefully those dice kits will be ready to share. Stay safe the

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