4x funded. 4 hours left.

Last few hours left on my Digital Terrain Tiles Kickstarter. All Stretch Goals Unlocked. 115 x 10x10" assorted digital terrain tiles. A gigantic digital 48x36" pre-made old world map with 100's of detailed locations ready to be explored and named, a blank variant with 60 map icons to build your own, the opportunity to learn GIMP to create terrain/maps with my 80+ PDF Gimp Guide and assorted vectors, commercial licenses. 4 x funded, 4 hours to go. Join my 9th successful kickstarter to get yourself a ton of goodies for your RPG. Pledges range from $15-$110. November 2017 Delivery. :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/digital-terrain-tiles

Digital Terrain Tiles Launched

Following runaway success of the popular Digital Dungeon Rooms campaign which saw generous support from 97 backers break my previous record for funds raised, and the finalization of my giant Sci-fi wave of Meanders, my next campaign, a shorter 14 day one, Digital Terrain Tiles was launched on the 18th of October and has already funded at 250%. Offering over ninety 10x10" digital terrain tiles including many new variants with Ice Caverns, Jungle Clearings, Jungle and Forest Scapes as well as New Terrains swatches such as Swamp, Tundra, Lava, Beach and more - this campaign also includes a giant detailed Old World Digital map measuring 48x36". The campaign offers a quick turnaround of digital t

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