GTW Update

To show love and support for the franchise of Heroquest, a much favoured 80's RPG Board Game on which I cut my RPG Teeth - GTW partnered with the Heroquest Italian Forum to offer a ton of free art for their Epic Quest pack released last Christmas. You can check it out here :) No word as yet on an English version - will keep folks updated. Download the free quest sets here: And, Meanders 2 is nearly 30% funded with new additions including 3 new themes: Post Apocalyptic Nuclear Ruins, Deep Space/HyperSpace, and Urban City Blocks. 28 days to go.

MEANDERS 2: Feb 10th Launch

Dear GTW subscribers, the campaign has been moved up to Feb 10th and now features over 400+ terrains in dozens of themes. You can check the preview of the campaign here: MEANDERS 2 Hope to see you there :) Kind Regards, Kris

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