Meanders 2 : Update

Hello :) I am working on over 100+ new designs and some super special surprises for the next installment of Meanders. This time around, all of the core art and new terrain sets will be available as add-ons from launch - so you are guaranteed of getting any of the terrain or features listed from the get-go. You'll be able to expand and modify your Meander 1 Maps horizontally with roads/rivers, blenders, edges and expansions - and vertically with underground dungeons/caverns, building interiors, and above ground tiers. Stretch Goals will be made up of gigantic new 50x50" VTT Ready maps with some pretty outrageous concepts and special extra sets with 6 themed maps in each one as added bonuses i

New RPG Innovation from GTW

I've invented something that could revolutionize the way DM's use charts and die rolls for consultation and will allow millions of creative choices to be made within a 9"x9"x9" region on your gaming table, greatly lessening the unholy trio of hand, eye and brain fatigue. Currently sourcing a manufacturer and distributor to produce it professionally with custom design components, this new product will be launched after Meanders 2. Details to be revealed.

Meanders 2 : 18th Feb

CONFIRMED: Forest Edges (peter into fields) Forest with Hillocks and Road Forest Grove / Henge Forest Road Section - Straight Forest Road Section - Straight with Inn Forest Road Section - T-section (base road lower) Forest Road Section - T-section (base road upper) Forest Road Section - Crossroads Forest Road Section - Road Bend /Busted Wagon / Cut Tree Clearing Forest Road Section - Road Bend 2 / Pond / Fallen Tree Open Field Forest Creature Home / Underground and Above Tangled Evil Forest Pre-Battle Field with Fortifications / Barricaded Village Post-Battle Field with Blood / Gore / Dropped/Battered Shields. Desert Tomb / Giant Statue Entrance Desert Canyons

Digital Coin Forge Funds @ 900+%

The recent DCF was a huge success - finding at almost 1000% - and is now complete and available at Kickstarter pricing for the next two days until the 18th Jan after which pricing will rise. A gigantic thank you to all of the backers that helped fund this one - a highly enjoyable project that has also seen a huge range of ammo and munitions tokens added to the GTW tile repertoire.

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