Digital Coin Forge (October 1st)

I have previously run three successful campaigns and this time I am bringing you Everything you need to put together your own custom design RPG coins at home with this massive Digital Coin Forge Design Kit. Yes - there are a lot of companies printing RPG currencies and even metal coins but none of them offer you the ability to CUSTOMIZE the coins to suit your world. None of them allow you to put YOUR Kings, YOUR Lands, YOUR Year Dates, YOUR Denominations or even YOUR Face on them and if you need a LOT of Coins, buying RPG Currency can set you back a small fortune. Well... With this kit you can rapidly put THOUSANDS of coin styles together in dozens of materials/metal textures and print as ma

Soloman Temple Squares: Coming Soon

Did you miss the Soloman Temple Square kickstarter? Funding at 144%The Ultimate Dungeon Kit: an inexpensive solution for high-resolution, themed Random & Custom Dungeons is almost here. More than 32+ tile themes in over 144 designs to choose from to suit your needs and build-style. Just $10 USD for a digital kit of seventy-two 8x8" or 2x2" + digital number token markers. Print out as many as you need and build gigantic dungeons in seconds. Mark your map with the tokens and make your notes. Easily indicate dungeon levels or themes. Small enough to use on your desk or in a drawer at work, portable enough to take along with you, perfect for making a blueprint before upscaling to the larger pla

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