Soloman Temple Squares 100% Funded!

Soloman Temple Squares on Kickstarter - 38 days to go A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL MY BACKERS WHO MADE THIS KIT POSSIBLE! "...In the last few days following the seasonal rains, villagers have reported a distant but definite trembling stemming from the base of the towering mountains - low at first but with every passing day growing louder into an audible roar. Such rumblings have the Elders of the village deeply concerned, for it appears someone or Something is using powerful magic to rouse forces imprisoned by ages past - indeed that this someone or something is attempting to wake... the Demons."

GTW: July Update

Hello Everyone :) Well I've quite a bit of news to announce as July 2016 closes so let's get to it! (1) Urban City Rooftops funded at 134% and shipping has started. This product will eventually make it to the GTW website and a second set of Rooftops and Roof Expansions will follow it up next year. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and backed me to make this a huge success! (2) Soloman Temple Squares is now on day 42 of its 60 day campaign - by far my longest yet but I wanted to give people ample time and opportunity to get in on this exceptional project with extra time in case several massive kickies snatched up all the cash. Now 87% funded and very near competing its goal, Solomans se

Soloman Temple RELAUNCH @68%

4 days Into our 60 Day Soloman Temple Square RELAUNCHED Campaign: Geomorph Tiles on Steroids the campaign is 68% Backed and almost funded. Check out the Ultimate Dungeon Mapping Kit for yourself! SOLOMAN TEMPLE SQUARES RELAUNCHED!

Urban City Rooftops Funded (137%)

After a Successful Campaign - the Urban Rooftop City Set of 27x18" Boards and Matt Add-ons was made possible by the following people to whom Game Tile Warehouse is indebted: Daniel. W. Sharp - David Maciaszek - Brad "Spectral Locomotive" - Richard Speyer - Peter. A. Campbell - Elvin Paul Chan - Steve Gaudreau - Tim Fiester - Mmacgregor - David Fergman - Chris Weigt - The Master of Fright - Tony Petterson - Dave Repp. Your funding will allow me to expand on this base set and produce new city boards, explore new eras inc sci-fi, add new building expansions and dream up new modifications to enhance your existing set. Thanks for all of your support! Kind Regards, Kris McDermott

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