Welcome to GAME TILE WAREHOUSE2020: Next Generation Game Tiles for your RPG's.  My name is Kris [aka 'The Maphatter']- an Australian freelance graphic designer and avid games enthusiast that enjoys making game tiles, tokens and maps, logos as well as innovative tools for RPG. I also partner with various other RPG newcomers to assist their work with my art and designs and sell from established RPG industry creators such as Fantasy Grounds, Steam, Roll20, D20proSavage Mojo and DrivethruRPG.

I often Kickstart the products I design and have thus far had 20 successful campaigns shown in blue below:
With the generous support of backers and friends I have used funds from these campaigns to order more prototypes for designs I am working on, add a cart system to this site, upgraded my computer equipment and software and been able to sustain my creativity as a living for the past five years. From my GTW Store you can buy and instantly download a range of my digital products.
Thanks to the advice, friendship and financial support of my family, my 1000's of backers, customers and Kickstarter, little by little I am making inroads into making larger more ambitious projects a reality and making a home firmly among the RPG community. 
Subscribe to the GTW Newsletter to be notified of Store Specials, Discount Coupons, Campaign Info, GTW News and Launch Dates. It can take some time time to get products from my Kickstarters into the store but they do all eventually end up here :) Regardless, this site is maintained daily with a last update notice and I'm easily contactable if you need assistance with my products.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me using the form in the menu located at the top right of this page.

A Titanic Thank you to all my family, friends, backers and customers for your support for me and Game Tile Warehouse. And special thanks to the RPG Live Streamers using Meanders in Fantasy Grounds - check out some great RPG action at any of their channels by clicking on their banners below or >Here< for more details on each. And remember, you can use GTW products freely on your streams anytime.

Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott



                    THE LOVECRAFT  MYTHOS  : Dunwich

                 NOW LIVE! 9 days only

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MEANDERS MAP PACKS now available for Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 - Choose your VTT from the Menu for specific products.

  • New R20 Map Pack: WILDERSHIRE for LMOP 5e

  • R20 Modern, Post-Apocalyptic and Expansion Packs

  • 7 New Fantasy Grounds Token Packs

  • ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE - Meanders Map Pack

  • HORROR HAUNTS - Meanders Map Pack 

  • DEN OF INIQUITY - Gambling and Tarot Module for Fantasy Grounds

            Meanders Maps just $1 each !

                                  Now  1400+ to choose from & counting... 



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TOME / TALES OF MIDDLE EARTH: Relive the glory days of high (and low) adventure with this fascinating and fun youtube series (+1 cat) that explores the nostalgic era of fantasy gaming and rpg, reviewing and then playing games such as Heroquest, Warhammer - Enjoy miniature painting tutorials, crafting tips and workshops and more.

BARDIC BROADCASTS: A brilliant combination of hilarious humour, un (and re) boxing and illuminating art critique, Fun, funny, thought-provoking and eye-opening - I love this channel and think it deserves a spot on my bulletin board.

FANTASY GROUNDS COLLEGE: Want to DM or Play using Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop? Fantasy Grounds College  is a wonderful vibrant and friendly place packed with professionals, gamers, DM's, and tutors hosting all free hands-on classes to teach you every aspect of FG from being a player, to a DM, to coding your own modules, extensions, and beyond.  Squareware, Meanders Map Packs, Meanders Tokens and the professionalism of GTW's products was directly honed by the FG Community and the Fantasy Grounds College.